Sound of Silence . . .

It used to be the battlefield of my life; where my greatest enemy inflicted the most damage.  Silence was open season on my self-esteem and sense of hope.  The voice of my inner accuser was never as loud as when all around me was quiet.  Under the cover of silence words of self-doubt, condemnation and shame came at me with intent to maim.  They pinned this little girl to the ground and left her feeling helpless and afraid.  I had no shield or defense for their ugliness and allowed them to penetrate my heart and soul.  So began my journey as one of the walking wounded.
One day I’d had enough.  I stood up to the silence and challenged the words I had allowed to govern and limit my life.  The greatest victory in my life was making silence my bitch!  It serves me now.
I love, love, love to sit in the silence and breathe – knowing I am a survivor, a warrior, a comforter and when I need to be – a bitch on wheels.  I am everything I have chosen to be and nothing of those lies told in silence.
I love this song!  It touched me in my youth and still moves me.

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