We All Need One . . .

This is one of my favorite songs ever.  I have been a very fortunate woman to have had several ‘bridges’ in my life; the sturdiest of all being my Beloved.  We all need one.  We all need that person who is there without judgment, willing to hold our hands and heart as we make our way through the darkness, pain and disappointment in this life.
I have always believed that we need to BE that bridge as well.  We need to be the bridge over troubled water for someone else.  What a world we would have if we all made it a point to be a ‘bridge’ for a lover, friend, sibling, parent or even stranger.  I can’t fully express the beauty I see in my mind’s eye when I meditate on the possibility.  Build some bridges people.  Lay yourself on the line for someone who needs something to hold on to as they make their way to the other side.  Then encourage them to pay it forward.  When we step out of our own misery to hold up another –  we are free!
Maybe we can build a bridge stronger than hate, brighter than hopelessness and wide enough to carry us all to the other side.

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