They Do Not Know

they watch her as she moves effortlessly
with beauty and grace stepping onto the battlefield
head high, strong shoulders squared
her eye is on the prize and she will claim it
her ability is without question
an architect of her own destiny
kindness and generosity as well as
strength are the garments she wears
her presence calms the storms
arising in the hearts of her children
many marvel as she heals wounds
inflicted by the cruelty of strangers
moved by her ability to seek clarity
in times of sorrow and devastation
they cheer as she goes toe-to-toe with the devil
sent to destroy her or those she loves
they see the warrior but not the woman
they do not know her secret weapon
that her strength is found in kneeling
in surrendering to the one who loves her
fills her soul with the belief that
she is all things and can do all things
she is his Queen, his servant, his partner,
at times his courtesan and others his lover
they see what they want to see
and that is more than fine with this warrior

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