Dirty Nails

I love women with dirty nails.  I’m talking women who are the first to dive into the mud to save another. Women who may look fragile but will bench-press a bus to free an injured child. Women willing to go without everything in order to care for the people they love more than anything. Women who spend more time working than primping. Women who couldn’t give a shit about the latest trends or gossip. Their interests are many but their spirits are singularly focused. They are not to be fucked with.

Women who’ve been to hell and back yet still manage to smile. I adore women who sit at the bedside of a dying human being to assist and ease their passing. Women who stand up to fight when others sit down to paint their nails. Women who cherish their friends enough to tell them they are fucking up and why. I love woman who are faithful and kind. Women who are blind to judgement and criticism. Women who love their own bodies and carry them with honor. They love themselves and are willing to love others.

They are young, old, skinny, heavy, straight, and lesbian. They are originals, not remodeled versions of themselves. They play with the hand that was dealt them and they fucking RULE.

And when these women decide to wash away evidence of the fight and slip into an evening gown. Well, they outshine the brightest stars. Supermodels got nothin’ on them. These are the luminaries in my life. The ones still standing when the mudslide passes. The ones who recognize that in the end we all return to the dirt.

I love my friends with dirty nails!  This is for you women who light up my life.
You know who you are.  So shake those big, little, firm and dimpled asses this morning.

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