some days it's too damned hard to come by, never knowing if I'm the hamster or the wheel; other days it's as simple as hearing the sound of a well-made lock click into place as the door closes on the world

Love Quest

D met me when I was fifteen. I was a creature from another world. The fabled place beyond the river and smoke stacks that served as the line of demarcation between the haves and have-nots. That's enticing to lots of people. The idea of taking a walk on the wild side to taste forbidden fruit. … Continue reading Love Quest

Street Wise

lonely and cold, the streets she walked as a hopeful child face pressed to storefront windows, searching for a life she might one day make her own avoid eye contact they told her, read the signs, learn the smell, need to know who brings light and who brings hell same old asphalt beneath her teenage … Continue reading Street Wise


time, a powerful aphrodisiac, fanning the flames of desire to be known, loved, feared, revered; to leave one's mark on this temporal stage all too often we tag the world with the  mediocre graffiti known as image; leaving the masterpiece of essence to serve as food for worms