Her Match

she was lit from the get go,
a brown-eyed flame thrower,
with sparks of curiosity
and a will to burn

being scarred by life and
fools who play with fire
didn’t douse the flicker of hope
that always remained –
she knew one day she‘d find a love
free from the ashes of her past

then she met her match!


do I walk as one
who knows my way,
or allow the crowd
to rule my day?

to walk alone
I must be strong,
and move to the beat
of my own song

I was taught there is ‘strength in numbers‘ as a young person. That’s true enough. But, it’s equally true that misery loves company. The only times I’ve found myself locked in misery have been when I stopped following my own navigation system. That ‘going along’ stuff is deadly for me.

I discovered quite young that the real strength lies in the willingness to walk alone – to walk away from whatever or whoever threatens to destroy my purpose or derail my dreams.

I found my strength following my own song and refusing to follow the crowd. I don’t go the way of the herd most times. I certainly won’t stay if they drink from the same wells endlessly – that delays my journey. That will never change about me. Ever.

There have been, and will probably always be, times in life when I know it’s better for me to fight than acquiesce.

That’s hard for those who truly love me to handle at times – but they do. I am most grateful.

This song always comes to mind when I think of strength.

“Don’t want to fight but sometimes you’ve got to, You’re some soul survivor, There’s just one thing you’ve got to know, You’ve got ten more thousand miles to go”


it is there –
in the air we breathe,
the giggles of children,
the trees dancing on windy days,
the star-filled skies of the midnight hour,
the laughter coming from the next table,
and most certainly in the healing touch of a stranger’s hand in times of tragedy

it is there –
all around us,
every day,
every hour

it is there –
just beyond the walls
of disbelief & disappointment
built strategically around the
chambers of our human hearts

it is there –
we need only shed the armor of fear
and open our hands once more to
touch the magic of life

Doors & Rooms

I was thinking today of the many doors we go through in life. Of all the rooms we’ve entered and exited over the years.

Truth be told, there have been precious few doors in life that took me directly where I needed to be or wanted to go; and even fewer rooms in which I’ve longed to stay.

I’ve had to go through many, many doors to find where I belonged. Some led to empty spaces. Some led to steep stairwells where I was faced with the choice to trudge up or coast down. While others led only to long and narrow hallways filled with more doors.

The rooms have been the more difficult adventure. Ranging from beautiful to frightening. Some called to me with their beautiful decor – enticing me to come in and have a look around. Others repelled me before the door was fully opened.

In the end, I had to exit all of them because after entering, taking the time to sit & look around – I found I was never truly comfortable in them. As if they had not been designed for me to linger in – but only to visit for a while.

Even now, at the most contented time of my life, I must rearrange or redecorate rooms. I suppose I was created to keep opening doors in search of new rooms or keep making the room new itself.

Danger Zones

it’s not falling down in the darkness
it’s not tripping over your tongue in the light
it’s not skating on the edge when you are tempted
it’s not being unsure, unsteady or unwise

no – shit happens!

it’s knowing you could have, but didn’t even try
it’s sitting still while time marches on without you
it’s lying when the truth presents a challenge you ain’t up for
it’s looking over your shoulder and trying to walk forward

those, my friend, are the danger zones –
they will kick your ass
& remember your name